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Digital assets may complicate Texas probate

While many in Texas and across the country may be able to navigate through social media sites or use virtual currency, it is likely that few understand the laws concerning what happens to those electronic resources at the end of their lives. In fact, the paradox of privacy laws is that, in some cases, the estate executor cannot even use the account holder's password to access the account. This can be difficult during probate when a personal representative is trying to inventory the assets, including digital assets, in someone's estate.

Don't start the probate administration process empty handed

Making sure that an estate is properly closed out is a burden placed on the assigned executor. It may not seem like a difficult task at first, but things can get overwhelming pretty fast. One way to make probate administration go over smoothly is to go in prepared. This means having all the necessary documentation in hand and ready to go for when the case is opened in a Texas probate court.

Texas estate planning: When a trustee can't be trusted

When planning one's estate, if a trust is created, one will have to name one or more people to manage the trust. The trustee named when going through the estate planning process will be responsible for making sure the trust is tended to and administered appropriately and in accordance with Texas laws when the time comes. What can one do, though, when a trustee cannot be trusted?

Is adding someone to a property deed a good estate planning move?

When it comes to planning one's estate, people will do quite a few things and jump through a lot of hoops in order to avoid the need for probate. One thing that some individuals will do, whether they reside in Texas or elsewhere, is add loved ones to their property deeds -- such as the deed to a house. This makes them co-owners and prevents the properties from being subject to the probate process. While this can work, is it the best estate planning move?

What can be done during estate planning to avoid will contests?

Creating the perfect estate plan, one that covers everything, is easy to understand and makes the distribution of assets to beneficiaries a simple and straightforward process may seem like an impossible task. After all, it is not possible to make everyone happy. There may be those family members who feel the need to challenge the plans that have been put in place. There are things that Texas residents can do during the estate planning process that will help prevent will contests.

What is the purpose of estate administration?

When a loved one passes away, what happens to his or her assets and debts? If a will or trust has been created, there are likely to be specific instructions for beneficiaries to follow in order to take care of these things. If not, it will be up to the court to decide. Regardless, every estate in Texas or elsewhere must go through the estate administration process.

Agreement reached in siblings' probate dispute

The relationship between a set of siblings can vary. While many siblings argue, in most cases they ultimately love each other and would do anything to help one another. The last thing that most parents in Texas would want is for their death to spark a dispute among their children. While it won't always prevent a probate dispute, careful estate planning can help surviving relatives understand a parent's wishes.

New Year's resolutions often include estate planning

When most people think of New Year's resolution, they think of how much time they will spend at the gym or the new diet they will attempt. However, some estate planning professionals would like people to focus on creating an appropriate plan for their estate to protect their assets and ensure that provisions are in place for loved ones. For those in Texas who have already gone through the process, resolutions may be centered more toward revising an existing plan.

The importance of estate planning for new parents in Texas

New parents have many things on their minds. For most in Texas, their goals are often focused on meeting the needs of their new child. To many, these tasks include warming bottles and changing diapers. However, ensuring that the proper estate planning documents are in place is also an important part of ensuring that the needs of children are met.

Costly estate planning mistakes to avoid

As with most things, a person in Texas who wants to create a will can find do-it-yourself instructions online. However, the estate planning process often encompasses more than the creation of will, and individual circumstances could warrant more than a generic template. In addition to overlooking the importance of creating other tools of such a plan, a do-it-yourself approach can result in costly delays in the administration of an estate.


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