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Guardianships & Conservatorships Archives

Guardianships: When a protective party needs to step in

In many instances, the wishes of a person regarding financial matters, end-of-life decisions and other important issues can be optimally carried out through an experienced estate planning attorney's assistance in establishing trusts, powers of attorney and other planning tools.

Mickey Rooney's conservator acts on long-time star's behalf

There are certainly instances when a person can no longer take sufficient care of his or her health, assets and/or income, and when estate planning tools such as powers of attorney, trusts and other tools do not exist to provide clarification and guidance. At such a time, a trusted third party might step in to act as guardian or conservator and help promote a ward's best interests.

Revised autism numbers highlight necessity of special needs planning

A government survey released last week revises relevant statistics relating to autism that have been routinely relied upon by public health experts, state and federal purveyors of health funds, school authorities and other interested groups.

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