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Estate Administration & Probate Archives

The case for young people and purposeful estate planning

Thinking about estates, legacies and solid planning based on what is personally meaningful has always been a mainstay for individuals and families with an eye on asset preservation, inheritances, tax avoidance and other key planning matters.

Estate planning: don't delay, secure legal help and revisit

In noting a number of salient points recently in an article on financial planning, a personal finance and retirement writer centrally included these tandem admonitions applicable to any would-be estate planner: Don't wait too long to get started and don't forgo the professional help that is "vital" to ensure that objectives are realized both presently and years into the future.

Estate planning: Family legacies often matter greatly

Sound estate planning will ensure that a client's expressed wishes and best interests are fully promoted through execution of well-considered and strongly drafted legal documents and agreements.

Is an inheritance boom coming as baby boomers advance in age?

Edward N. Wolff, an economist at New York University, was once provided funding to study the so-called "inheritance boom" phenomenon -- the expectation that inheritances in the United States would one day become so prevalent that the resulting effect would fundamentally change the contours of American life.

Financial planner's advice: Get estate planning attorney on board

Most experienced estate planning firms do not readily beat their own drum to bear witness to their prowess in promoting their clients' estate goals, including asset preservation and distribution, tax avoidance, the assurance that health-care considerations have been duly attended to and more. We are certainly no exception.

Baby boomers, inheritances and special considerations

Age demographics other than baby boomers (boomers being of the post-World War II baby surge from 1946 through 1964) might sometimes feel slighted by all the attention that seems to be paid to that group. In virtually every realm of interest, from politics to social mores, stories abound concerning how boomers feel, how they differ from other groups, how they will fare going forward and so forth.

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