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What does the guardian appointment process involve?

There are many different things individuals may wonder about when it comes to guardianships in Texas. One is what the process of getting a guardian appointed for an individual who is unable to manage their own affairs generally entails. Today's post will be a general overview of this process.

We will start with how this process is kicked off. The process is started by an application for the appointment of a guardian being filed with a court. There are many different individuals that could potentially file such an application. Individuals who are wondering if they would be able to file such an application in relation to a loved one that they believe may need a guardian and what filing such an application would involve should consider bringing the questions they have to a guardianship attorney.  

After an application is filed for a guardian to be appointed, a court hearing will generally be held on the guardianship request. There are many different things judges can consider in such hearings. Thus, what happens in such a hearing and what evidence ends up being presented during the hearing can matter considerably. Guardianship attorneys can help families who are seeking to have a guardian appointed for a vulnerable loved one with preparing for guardianship hearings.

After a judge has heard the various different arguments made in relation to a guardianship request, the judge will make a decision regarding whether a guardianship will be set up. If the judge decides that a guardianship will be set up, they will also make a decision regarding who will be appointed as guardian. There are a wide range of things that can end up impacting what decision a judge ultimately makes when it comes to a guardianship request.

Source: Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, "What is Guardianship?," Accessed June 2, 2015

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