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Home care costs among the costs elderly Texans can face

When a person thinks about the type of care costs they could end up facing as they get older, their mind might go right to nursing home costs. However, elderly individuals can end up facing substantial care costs even if they do not end up having to move into a nursing home.

Sometimes, an elderly person's overall medical condition will be such that they are still able to live in their own home but they do need some special care. In such a situation, an elderly individual may need home care services. Home care services can have some significant costs associated with them.

Thus, the possibility of future home care costs is one of the things a person may want take into account when care planning. Care planning is the process of making preparations for future care needs and costs. Elder law attorneys can provide assistance to individuals when it comes to care planning. 

A recent study on elder care costs gives a picture of the current state of home care costs here in Texas. This picture is a bit of a good news, bad news situation. 

The good news is that home care costs here in Texas appear to, generally, be lower than the national median. According to the study, $18 dollars an hour is the median cost of home health care aide services in Texas. Meanwhile, the study found that the median cost for such services in the nation as a whole is $20 an hour.

The bad news is that home care costs seem to be on the increase in Texas. According to the study, the state has been averaging a 0.7 percent annual increase in median home health care aide services hourly costs over the past five years. 

What sorts of trends do you think Texas will see in the future when it comes to home care costs? 

Source: insurancenewsnet.com, "Genworth Study Addresses At Home Care Costs in Texas," April 14, 2015

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