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Can a minor be a witness to a will in Texas?

For most wills here in Texas, one of the things that needs to happen for the will to be valid under state law is for the will to be witnessed by at least two people. These witnesses are to sign their names on the will. Such action by the witnesses is to happen in the presence of the person whose will it is. 

There are many questions a Texan who is planning to form a will may have on the issue of witnesses. One such question is: Can a minor be a valid witness to a will?  

Under Texas law, some minors are eligible to be will witnesses, while others are not. This is because, while state law does not require a will witness to be age 18 or older, it does have a different age limit in place. Specifically, state law requires will witnesses to be at least 14 years old. Thus, minors under the age of 14 cannot be a will witness in the state, but minors 14 years of age or older can. 

As this illustrates, there are all sorts of different specific rules in place here in Texas when it comes to wills. Thus, one thing a person may be worried about when forming a will is accidentally running afoul of such rules and inadvertently putting their will's validity in jeopardy. Attorneys can provide Texans who want to have a will in place with help and guidance with complying with will rules and avoiding will mistakes.

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