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April 2015 Archives

Bills aim to make changes to guardianship system in Texas

One of the aims of guardianships is to protect vulnerable individuals whose decision-making abilities have been impaired. Individuals with disabilities and elderly individuals are among the vulnerable individuals who are sometimes put under guardianships here in Texas. In some instances, a guardianship can be an invaluable tool in making sure a vulnerable individual's best interests are being looked out for.

Can a minor be a witness to a will in Texas?

For most wills here in Texas, one of the things that needs to happen for the will to be valid under state law is for the will to be witnessed by at least two people. These witnesses are to sign their names on the will. Such action by the witnesses is to happen in the presence of the person whose will it is. 

Providing after-death support to charities through CLATs

Many people here in Texas have charitable organizations that they strongly admire the work of and care a great deal about. Sometimes, a person will have a desire to not only support the charitable organizations they care about during their lifetime, but to provide such support after their death as well. Estate planning can make fulfilling this desire possible.

Life insurance designations: Yes, things can go wrong

Rather than fashioning a gentle segue into this blog entry focusing on how things can go wrong with life insurance beneficiary designations, let's employ a real barn burner right at the outset as an example of how horror can strike unexpectedly and toss best-intentioned plans right out the window.

Famed actor and comic's estate plan now a public battle

The widow says that the stepkids are unlawfully claiming personal property that was bestowed upon her. The children counter that many of the assets claimed by their stepmother belong to them and that they "are heartbroken" that she has acted against their deceased father's wishes. The trustees have weighed in with comments underscoring their power to act, which they say is being undermined. An attorney for the trustees says that what has become an acrimonious spat should have remained a purely private matter.

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