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VA benefits can be integral component of a sound estate plan

One thing that is immediately notable about estate planning -- that is, well-considered and carefully tailored planning for an individual or family -- is its comprehensive nature.

Put another way, a sound and effective plan is centrally marked by its thoughtful incorporation of myriad integrated factors. In most cases, it's not simply about just a house or some money. Rather, a meaningful plan will have considered whether one or more trusts might advance a planner's interests. It will have considered whether the special needs of a family member must be addressed. It will have looked at inheritances, property, taxes, elder-care needs, guardianships, gifting, charitable intent and much more.

In some instances, military-related entitlements are an important component of an estate plan. That is especially true in Texas, where a high number of both active duty servicemembers and reservists serve the country. Additionally, many retired military members and their families reside in the state.

Many of those persons are entitled to VA benefits, which should logically be considered as a core element of an estate plan. Indeed, and as we note on our website's Houston VA Benefits Lawyers page at Hayes & Wilson PLLC, various government benefits can comprise a sizable piece of a given estate plan, ranging from retirement benefits to money received for service-connected disabilities.

None of that should be considered in a vacuum, that is, separate from other core elements of an estate plan.

Our lawyers routinely work with military members and veterans regarding their service-related entitlements and estate planning needs.

Indeed, we are proud to do so, and gain a great deal of satisfaction in helping them fully promote their interests and craft legal documents that safeguard their futures.

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