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With Medicaid, advance planning is of critical importance

At Hayes & Wilson , PLLC, we believe it would be a great disservice to mince words about the importance of Medicaid planning for our clients who will likely need to qualify for and use Medicaid in the future.

Frankly, Medicaid is not something to gloss over or visit in tardy fashion without close assistance from a proven elder law attorney. As we candidly state on the Medicaid Qualifications page of our firm’s website, “simply filing for Medicaid without sound legal counsel could result in a tremendous and unnecessary loss of income and available assets.”

The reasons for that distinct and adverse possibility are several, and should be clearly understood by all individuals who will need to rely upon this important government program in their senior years.

An initial point to note is that federal administrators employ a look-back period in establishing a candidate’s eligibility. That is, an applicant cannot simply spend down income immediately prior to filing for Medicaid. A proven estate planning attorney can discuss the look-back window and the ways that planning can be timely commenced to take note of it and legally restructure income and assets to the fullest extent possible.

Another strong reason for a seasoned attorney’s input is this: Sound planning requires close consideration of all the elements involved in an estate plan. As we note on our website, a focused and client-empathetic attorney well-versed in elder law matters will help ensure that “all instruments work in concert to maximize efficiency.”

That is vitally important, given that every client seeking to qualify for Medicaid also seeks to minimize financial losses pursuant to achieving that goal.

Our attorneys collectively command many decades of experience helping our elder-law clients throughout Texas with all aspects of estate planning.

We take great pride in doing so and welcome the opportunity to provide further information.

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