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Special estate planning considerations in the Internet Age

Perhaps you’ve always been a careful and meticulous person, timely attending to all relevant aspects of your personal life in order to enhance predictability and certainty.

In the realm of estate planning, that implies many things. For starters, it means that you thought carefully about drafting a will and then followed through on that intent. To be truly effective as envisioned, this important planning document must be specifically tailored to all important facets of your life. Moreover, it must be void of stale information that no longer makes sense in light of circumstances that changed over time, and in conformance with legal requirements regarding drafting and execution.

For many people in Texas and elsewhere, of course, effective planning goes far beyond a will. It can also entail the careful crafting of one or more trusts, close attention paid to health care matters and long-term care planning and additional issues.

As noted in a planning article on our website, what is becoming increasingly more important for estate planners across the country in our progressively high-tech era is attention duly paid to a planner’s so-called digital presence.

You’ve probably got one of those. It is centrally marked by the online websites you visit and interact with; by the accounts you have set up on various social media sites; by your email account; by the Internet banking platform you use; and by reports, images and various files you have created. Likely you’ve got myriad user names and passwords associated with your accounts.

Unsurprisingly, it probably takes most people more than a modicum of time to accurately chronicle all that information -- both for safekeeping and for estate planning notification purposes.

Taking that time is well worth the effort, since doing so will go far toward enabling family members and loved ones to access information that you fully intend they see and purposefully deal with after your passing.

It might seem hard to get started and to cultivate true confidence that you have been both comprehensive and accurate. An experienced estate planning attorney can help with the process and create documents that optimally promote planning objectives.

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