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Estate planning: getting it done right, and timely revisiting it

Do you know what a pour-over will is and how creation of such a document might benefit your estate planning needs?

Are you aware of the privacy considerations afforded by a revocable trust as opposed to a will, and how they affect probate considerations?

Do you fully understand all the reasons why it is just as important to periodically revisit and adjust estate planning documents as it was to have drafted them in the first place?

Are you aware that your will and one or more trusts might not comprehensively deal with all your expectations regarding inheritances for loved ones?

Such questions are commonly asked by commentators seeking to duly focus readers -- that is, would-be planners -- on the importance of truly thinking about estate planning and making sure to get it right.

As noted by one such writer in a topical media focus on estate planning, that centrally entails “working with a reputable estate-planning attorney and making time to review and discuss your estate plan on a regular basis.”

The reasons why are many.

Take that pour-over will reference above. An experienced attorney can help ensure that such a will works to gather and transfer all assets unaccounted for in a will into a designated trust upon a grantor’s death. Such an outcome will help avoid the public process of probate and its attendant expenses, as well as ensure that wealth is passed along in the manner desired by the grantor.

Consider, too, the above reference to the limitations in a trust or will regarding some beneficiaries. A proven estate planning attorney will ensure that a client identify and thoroughly examine all insurance policies and retirement accounts, since wills and trusts cannot legally control beneficiaries of those accounts. Many people forget that, with the result years later being that inappropriate parties are receiving large disbursements that a deceased party would have wanted to go to other persons.

Estate planning can be uniquely tailored and seamless, and also remain valid over time, provided that proven professional help is sought in the process.

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