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Passing along a family business through estate planning

Our attorneys are widely experienced estate planning lawyers who frequently find it necessary to remind clients -- or even inform them for the first time -- that estate administration runs a wide gamut and can effectively address broad-ranging concerns.

When many people think of estate planning, they focus -- and sometimes unduly so -- on will execution. Although there is certainly no question that crafting a well-tailored will and occasionally revisiting it thereafter as necessary is of central importance for many individuals and families engaged in estate planning, estate administration can go far beyond will considerations.

Trusts, for example, are impressively flexible planning tools that can address a number of planning concerns. Many estate plans focus centrally on questions relating to health and long-term care planning. Guardianship and conservatorship matters can loom large in some planning contexts.

So, too, can business matters, especially for an individual or couple who has successfully operated an enterprise and seeks to ensure that it remains functioning and viable for future generations.

Effective succession planning is engaged in by experienced estate planning firms that broadly understand the many dimensions involved with implementing business plans that will remain sound and workable after business founders have relinquished control or passed away.

As we duly note for our readers and clients, business-related concerns can range widely from buy-sell agreements and shareholder contracts to methods for transferring ownership interests and strategies for exiting a business.

Our firm actively enjoys bringing our business experience to bear on behalf of individuals and families. Persons seeking further information about our firm and its long-tenured representation of clients in business succession matters can learn more about our attorneys and practice by visiting us online at our Houston, Texas, Business Succession Planning page. We welcome your scrutiny.

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