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June 2014 Archives

Voiced concern of the truly wealthy: leaving money to the kids

Those of us who don't qualify for the title of "super rich" -- defined in a recent media article as families with wealth at the threshold level of $10 million or beyond -- have likely fantasized on at least one occasion what life would be like if we were the scions of such fortunes. How would we spend the money?

Trusts: Creative and flexible estate planning tools

A couple with a relatively sizable real estate, savings and business portfolio recently posed a question regarding estate planning that they sought to have answered in a newspaper's money-related forum. Their question was logical and their concern quite common, and we pass along the details to our readers in Texas and elsewhere, hoping that they find the subject matter relevant and the advice instructive.

The case for young people and purposeful estate planning

Thinking about estates, legacies and solid planning based on what is personally meaningful has always been a mainstay for individuals and families with an eye on asset preservation, inheritances, tax avoidance and other key planning matters.

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