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May 2014 Archives

Aging in America: Many people lack facts, financial preparation

The sheer disconnect that is on clear display throughout the United States concerning the realities of care needs for many people in their advancing years and their woeful lack of preparation to face those needs is something to behold.

Long-term care: Timely action can greatly affect affordability

As we have noted before for our readers, elder law matters often revolve around a common set of issues that need to be closely considered and acted upon to ensure peace of mind for seniors as they approach or pass beyond retirement.

Estate planning: don't delay, secure legal help and revisit

In noting a number of salient points recently in an article on financial planning, a personal finance and retirement writer centrally included these tandem admonitions applicable to any would-be estate planner: Don't wait too long to get started and don't forgo the professional help that is "vital" to ensure that objectives are realized both presently and years into the future.

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