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November 2013 Archives

Residential planning: a long-term care concern for many families

The concerns that aging parents have with growing older, as well as the concerns harbored by younger family members who want the very best for their parents as they advance in years, are singular and age-specific. Moreover, they often tend to center on a few discrete issues.

Specialized legal know-how is a must for sound estate planning

Estate planning and administration is one legal sphere that certainly qualifies as a realm within which many complex considerations apply and special experience in a number of enumerated areas is of critical importance.

Effective estate planning in a word: communication

It is certainly a common and valued goal of many American families to pass along the wealth they have secured to future generations. Notwithstanding that aim, though, and according to one estimate, only about 10 percent of those seeking to do so see that hope realized over the long term -- that is, to the fourth generation of descendants and beyond.

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