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September 2013 Archives

Guardianships: When a protective party needs to step in

In many instances, the wishes of a person regarding financial matters, end-of-life decisions and other important issues can be optimally carried out through an experienced estate planning attorney's assistance in establishing trusts, powers of attorney and other planning tools.

Long-term care planning starts with naming your decision-makers

When we think about long-term care, we often assume it's something far in the future. We're thinking about planning for how to choose and pay for a nursing home or long-term care facility for the elderly. We may have gone so far as to choose a good one.

Wills are vital estate planning tools for Texas same-sex couples

Nearly everyone in same-sex relationships in Houston are well aware that there is no legal recognition for their relationships at the state level. This can certainly provide a host of problems, especially when it comes to estate planning. If one partner dies without a will, his or her estate will pass along to a relative, not his or her partner. In a worst-case scenario, a couple could live in a home in one partner's name alone and if he or she dies without a will leaving the home to the other partner, the surviving partner may suddenly find him- or herself without a home. Had they been legally married, however, the estate would pass to the surviving partner without a problem.

Sound estate planning is about far more than tax avoidance

Some people think that asset management and protection is all about tax avoidance, and that they might have less need to consult with a proven estate planning and administration attorney than in previous years owing to a new federal estate tax regime.

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