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July 2013 Archives

Changing demographics: baby boomers and estate planning issues

It makes for classic television drama or real-life headlines, especially when it occurs within well-heeled families: the soured relationship between an aging parent and a child that results in the former disinheriting the latter and roiling the waters of a family's collective relationships.

Sometimes overlooked as a planning tool: charitable giiving

Well-considered and effective estate planning can encompass a number of diverse elements, and frequently does of necessity for individuals and families that have carefully marshaled and amassed substantial savings over many years.

Estate planning attorney can help family with special needs trust

Even some families that exercise the ultimate prudence and due care in taking care of their loved ones through thoughtful estate planning worry especially about the needs of one or more family members with special needs.

Foreign enactment instructive for elder care, long-term planning

Just as the United States -- given its diverse demographics and singular social and political history -- can seem fascinating to many people in other parts of the world, so, too, does the inverse apply.

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