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April 2013 Archives

Quality estate planning considers home equity, payment obligations

Effectively managing money and assets in a family is a highly singular and personal endeavor. Quite simply, families differ in what they have, how they have planned over the years and how they optimally envision their assets being marshaled, preserved and allocated.

Medicaid: An area that rewards timely and sound planning

As noted in a recent article on elder law and long-term care planning, Medicaid coverage is "an extremely complex blend of federal, state and local laws, rules and customs." Owing to that, consultation with an estate planning attorney with in-depth experience in Medicaid regulations is instrumental in determining eligibility and restructuring assets so that elder planning is maximized and estate recovery minimized to the fullest extent possible.

A few considerations regarding long-term care

It will likely not surprise most people in Texas and across the country that, given the steadily rising costs of medical care, insurance and other matters relating to aging, expenses relating to long-term care are also increasing.

Mickey Rooney's conservator acts on long-time star's behalf

There are certainly instances when a person can no longer take sufficient care of his or her health, assets and/or income, and when estate planning tools such as powers of attorney, trusts and other tools do not exist to provide clarification and guidance. At such a time, a trusted third party might step in to act as guardian or conservator and help promote a ward's best interests.

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