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Revised autism numbers highlight necessity of special needs planning

A government survey released last week revises relevant statistics relating to autism that have been routinely relied upon by public health experts, state and federal purveyors of health funds, school authorities and other interested groups.

Of central noteworthiness is that the new report -- issued by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -- varies materially from previous analyses in its estimate of just how many children in the United States have autism.

The core conclusion of researchers is this: Many more youngsters than customarily perceived have the disorder, which brings about the necessity of new thinking about special needs planning and the long-term care of potentially millions of children with moderate to severe autistic symptoms.

The new findings supplant research conclusions from a 2008 study, which posited that about one in eighty-eight school-aged children have autism. Government researchers from the CDC now say that the earlier numbers underestimate the incidence of the disorder, with a more accurate assessment being about one in fifty children.

The reappraisal is likely to be of material significance across a wide spectrum, including how autism will now be perceived vis a vis other disorders for limited government funding. The CDC's estimate equates to at least one million children having the disorder.

The new report might also draw attention to the need for many families to pay closer attention to ensuring the long-term care of their loved ones with special needs, through a guardianship, trust or other estate planning instrument.

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Source: AP, "Health officials: 1 in 50 school kids have autism," Mike Stobbe, March 20, 2013

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