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Texas care planning: What is a DNH order?

Most people really do not like to give a lot of thought to how, when and where they want to die. Unfortunately, at some point, this is something for which one may want to prepare. When going through their care planning efforts, Texas residents who do no want to spend their last days in a hospital room may want to consider DNH orders.

A health care institute attached to a leading university issued a report noting that those who reside near teaching or more advanced hospitals are more likely to spends their last days admitted as a patient. This means spending one's final days being subjected to tests and procedures. Some people may not feel that they have other options, but that is simply not true.

What is a DNH order? DNH stands for do no hospitalize. Like other advance directives, it lets one's loved ones and medical care team know what actions are and are not deemed acceptable for end-of-life care. Few people have such orders. Those who do not are said to be two times more likely to spend their final days in hospital beds.

There are other options available for those who want to die in the comfort of their own home -- such as in home hospice services, among others. However, by failing to include wants and wishes for one's final days when care planning, the ability to choose how one dies may be lost. An experienced estate planning attorney can assist Texas residents in preparing care plans that truly serve them when it counts.

Source: msn.com, "Want Control Over Your Death? Consider A 'Do Not Hospitalize' Order.", Ann Brenoff, July 14, 2017

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