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Medicaid planning a must in order to protect one's assets

Long-term care planning is something that many people in Texas and elsewhere fail to complete. At the end of the day, this only hurts them and their loved ones in the long run. Why? Long-term care is ridiculously expensive, and many people will require Medicaid in order to pay for it. However, without proper Medicaid planning, one may not qualify, and one's assets may be put in jeopardy.

There is more to creating a trust than just the writing it

Texas residents who want to write trusts can seek assistance from an estate planning attorney in order to get the document completed. Is that where it ends, though? Does just putting everything down on paper really get the job done? No, there is more to creating a trust than just the writing of it.

When taking time to prepare a will, make sure it is valid

Having a will in place is something that one can do to make sure that his or her assets and loved ones are protected in the event of his or her death. Taking the time to prepare a will means a little more than just jotting something down on paper really quick and signing one's name to it. This is not to say that a will has to be a long-winded document; it can be brief if that is what one wants. It does, however, need to meet certain requirements in order for it to be valid in the state of Texas.

Texas estate planning: When a trustee can't be trusted

When planning one's estate, if a trust is created, one will have to name one or more people to manage the trust. The trustee named when going through the estate planning process will be responsible for making sure the trust is tended to and administered appropriately and in accordance with Texas laws when the time comes. What can one do, though, when a trustee cannot be trusted?


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