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What can be done during estate planning to avoid will contests?

Creating the perfect estate plan, one that covers everything, is easy to understand and makes the distribution of assets to beneficiaries a simple and straightforward process may seem like an impossible task. After all, it is not possible to make everyone happy. There may be those family members who feel the need to challenge the plans that have been put in place. There are things that Texas residents can do during the estate planning process that will help prevent will contests.

Is there anything that I do not need to include in my will?

Making sure one's estate is in order in the event of one's death is something that everyone should take the time to do. It certainly does not hurt to be prepared. When writing one's will, there is a lot to consider. A question some Texas residents may have when going through this process is whether there's anything that does not need to be included in a will?

Guardianship of adult: Roles, responsibilities and limitations

Being appointed a guardian of an adult is a significant job. With it there comes numerous responsibilities and certain limitations. If you are considering taking on a guardianship, it is normal to have questions about what your role will be in the life of the individual placed in your care. This week's column will address some the most common questions Texas residents may have about guardianships.

Doing medical care planning now can prevent issues in the future

Getting older, getting sick and needing medical assistance is all a part of life. Whether people like to think of these issues or not, they happen. Being prepared for these things is important, but it is something for which many Texas residents fail to effectively plan. Taking the time to handle medical care planning now will only make things easier down the road for one's family.

Is a will all I need?

Knowing where to begin with estate planning can be rather confusing. There is a lot of information out there and numerous opinions about what should and should not be included. For instance, many Texas residents may be unsure about which documents they really need -- such trusts or wills. This week's column is going to address what a will is and if it alone will meet your estate planning goals.


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