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Is there a way to know if a loved one or I will suffer dementia?

There is no definitive test to tell you if someone is suffering from dementia. There are some cognitive tests that can be administered but as the National Center for Biotechnology Information acknowledges, many doctors hesitate to conduct them or even broach the issue with relatives of patients who may appear demented because of the distress it can cause. There is thus a major element of guesswork in making a diagnosis.

Texas law sets priorities in how guardians are appointed

You may believe you know best when it comes to appointing a guardian for someone who needs one, but the state of Texas doesn't make the same assumption. State law lays out rather clear guidelines for courts as they are faced with deciding who should serve as a guardian.

What does Texas law require in appointing a guardian?

Who needs a guardian? Most everyone in Texas would probably agree that children need guardians. But that's a role typically filled by one or both of the child's parents. Once a child becomes an adult that guardianship role may get taken off the parents' plate. However, if individuals can't take care of themselves for some reason, then the parent's guardian role might need to continue. A guardian might also need to be appointed if a loved one suddenly becomes incapacitated.

Create a will, other documents before traveling this summer

It is the time of year when many people in Texas are planning a vacation. While they consider destinations, lodging and entertainment, the importance of having a will and other estate planning documents may be far from their mind. However, some professionals advise that creating these documents could provide vacationers with peace of mind as they travel.


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