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Helping families deal with ancillary probate issues

Many different things can impact how complex the probate proceedings for a given estate will be. One is where real estate properties the estate contains are located. This is because whether there are any properties that are in a different state than where the deceased lived impacts whether an additional probate process will occur in addition to the standard probate process.

This additional probate process is called ancillary probate. The ancillary probate process is generally necessary when an estate contains property from a location other than the deceased's state of residence, and it deals with the distribution of this property. 

There are a variety of different out-of-state properties an estate could contain, such as vacation properties, business properties or investment properties. So, the range of different types of estates the ancillary probate process could end up arising in connection to is pretty extensive. 

Why can the ancillary probate process up the complexity of probate for an estate? A big reason is that the ancillary probate process involves the probate laws of the state the property the ancillary probate process is for is located in. Thus, for a given estate, the ancillary probate process will be controlled by a different set of laws than the standard probate process. Anytime you're having to deal with laws from multiple states, things can get complicated fast.

Thus, when a family is facing ancillary probate issues in relation to a deceased loved one's estate, it can be important for it to seek out solid legal guidance.

Our Texas law firm has a deep understanding of probate issues. We can help families identify if the estate of a deceased loved one has any characteristics that would trigger complicated probate issues and can help families deal with complex probate matters, like ancillary probate issues.   

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