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Can a guardianship be modified in Texas?

All sorts of things could change after a guardianship has been put in place for an adult here in Texas. Some such changes could impact how well-suited for circumstances the initially set terms of the guardianship continue to be. Examples of such changes include shifts in the condition of the person the guardianship is for, such as a bettering or worsening of their mental condition. 

Thus, one thing a person may wonder is whether guardianships can be changed in response to these sorts of shifts in circumstances.

In Texas, guardianships are not immutable. Guardianships can be modified by a court.

How can a guardianship modification come about? A court could decide, all on its own, to make such a modification. Also, courts can make modifications in response to valid modification requests.

Who can ask a court to modify the terms of a guardianship? The person the guardianship is for can make such a request. Also, such a request can be made by other "interested parties."

A variety of things could impact whether a court decides to approve or reject a given modification request regarding the terms of a guardianship. Thus, when requesting a guardianship modification, building up a strong case in support of one's argument can be vital. Experienced guardianship attorneys can help individuals here in Texas who are thinking of asking for a guardianship modification with gauging whether making such a request is the right move for the situation, with developing their argument for the modifications and with navigating the modification request process.

Source: Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, "A Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship," Accessed Jan. 26, 2016

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