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Can a guardianship be modified in Texas?

All sorts of things could change after a guardianship has been put in place for an adult here in Texas. Some such changes could impact how well-suited for circumstances the initially set terms of the guardianship continue to be. Examples of such changes include shifts in the condition of the person the guardianship is for, such as a bettering or worsening of their mental condition. 

IRAs, beneficiary designations and trusts

The typical way retirement assets are passed on after a person's death is through beneficiary designations. As we discussed in a previous post, one of the options individuals with retirement assets generally have when it comes to beneficiary designations is to name a trust as the beneficiary. It is important to note though that there are certain retirement assets for which this beneficiary designation option can raise some special concerns.

Could tax deductions for charitable giving have health effects?

Here in the U.S., there are tax benefits, such as deductions, available in relation to charitable giving. One of the main goals of tax benefits for charitable giving is to encourage such giving. A recent study indicates that such tax benefits may also have positive health impacts.

Do wills avoid probate?

One estate planning goal some individuals have is probate avoidance. Why might a person not want their assets to end up in the probate process when they pass away? The probate process can sometimes be complicated, emotionally-draining and time-consuming. Thus, one of the common hopes with probate avoidance is that it will help make things easier for one’s loved ones.


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