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Changes in wills for changes in life

Life can be full of changes. These changes can impact all sorts of things for an individual, including their priorities, their goals for the future and their family situation. Thus, a person's desires for what they want their estate plan to do won't necessarily be static; they could shift over time.

Thankfully, a person isn't simply stuck with however they first set their estate plan. There are generally ways to update estate planning devices to adjust to changes. For example, wills can be updated.

Now, as is the case with forming a will, updating a will is not something to do in a careless fashion. There are things it is very important to be careful about when it comes to updating a will.

One is what specific changes one makes in their will. Specifically, it is important for a person to understand what effects the changes they plan on making would have and whether the changes would be consistent with their changed views on what they want their estate plan to do.

Another is how exactly one makes the updates to their will. There are rules in place regarding how to update wills. Thus, lack of care regarding how one makes changes to a will could cause the changes to not actually take effect.

The two main ways to update a will here in Texas are to make a new will or to add a codicil to a preexisting will. There are various requirements that have to be met for a new will or codicil to be legally enforceable.

Thus, when updating a will, it can be worthwhile for a person to bring in an estate planning attorney to give them guidance on what changes their will needs given their wishes, what effects different changes would have and how to go about making changes.

For further information on updating a will, see our law firm's will modification page

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