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The growing elderly population in Texas and long-term care

The size of the elderly population here in Texas is expected to grow considerably in upcoming years. Some estimates have predicted that, by 2040, the over-65 population in the state will be over double its current level, growing from 3.2 million all the way up to 7.5 million. 

There are various concerns this expected increase in the number of elderly individuals in the state raises when it comes to long-term care. One are concerns about how long-term care facilities will handle the increased strain a significantly larger elderly population could put on them. One wonders what actions such facilities will take as the state's elderly population grows, and what impacts such actions will have on the quality of care at such facilities.  

The anticipated elderly population boom also could raise concerns about long-term care expenses. More seniors in the state could mean a higher demand for long-term care. One wonders if such a demand increase would lead to changes in the price tag for such care. Care cost changes can have big impacts on the ability of an elderly individual to get the right care.

Another important question to ask in relation to increases in the number of seniors in the state is: will such increases lead to any changes in Medicaid policy in the state? Medicaid is a program many Texas seniors turn to for help with long-term care costs. This program has numerous complex rules regarding eligibility and what benefits are available. An increase in elderly population in the state could result in more individuals seeking benefits for long-term care from this program. It is possible this could lead to the state considering making changes to its Medicaid rules regarding long-term care. 

What sorts of impacts do you think future growth in Texas' elderly population will have when it comes to long-term care?

What long-term care costs are like in the state and what the current Medicaid rules are can affect what a given senior's long-term care planning needs are. Experienced estate planning lawyers can help elderly individuals with factoring these and other important variables into their long-term care planning.

Source: San Angelo Standard-Times, "Booming population could strain long-term care," Denise Morris, Oct. 14, 2015

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