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One thing individuals with elderly relatives often care greatly about is protecting their elderly loved one. This can include protecting them financially. One thing that can create major financial dangers for an elderly individual is when their financial decision-making abilities become compromised, such as by a medical condition like dementia. When a person here in Texas believes their elderly loved one is no longer able to make financial decisions on their own, one option they may have to financially protect their loved one is to pursue being appointed the guardian of the estate for their loved one

When a person is named the guardian of the estate of a loved one, they receive decision-making authority when it comes to their loved one's financial affairs.

Guardianships of the estate can be complex things, emotionally and logistically. Complicated legal issues can come up at all stages of the guardianship process, including:

  • During the establishment of the guardianship. Many requirements need to be met for a court to establish a guardianship, including a determination of incapacity. Thus, there are many preparatory steps it can be very important for a person to take when trying to be appointed as a loved one's guardian.
  • During the course of the guardianship. There are many duties a person has when they are serving as a guardian of the estate. Running afoul of these duties, even unintentionally, can lead to a guardian facing serious legal repercussions. Thus, it is very important for guardians have a clear understanding of what duties they have.
  • At the end of the guardianship. When a guardianship of the estate no longer is necessary, some important legal matters can arise in relation to the termination of the guardianship and the final duties of the guardian.

Thus, at all stages of the guardianship process, solid legal advice and skilled guidance can be invaluable for a guardian of the estate.

Our firm is very familiar with the guardianship of the estate process here in Texas and experienced with helping guardians with addressing challenging legal matters. Whatever stage the guardianship of the estate process is in, we can help guardians or prospective guardians understand what legal issues are present, how best to address these issues and what mistakes it is important to avoid.

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