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Don't let fear and anxiety get in the way of estate planning

Many people find thinking about the reality that they will one day pass away very difficult. This is understandable. One's mortality can be a scary thing to contemplate. Also, thoughts about what will happen with one's family and friends after one passes away can trigger many strong emotions and anxieties.

While it is perfectly natural to feel unease when thinking about one's mortality, it is very important for individuals to not let this unease stop them from engaging in planning regarding what will happen with their estate when they die. One trap individuals can fall into is letting fear, anxiety and strong emotions lead them to major procrastination, inattentiveness and indecision when it comes to such planning. Among the things this could result in is a person simply not having an estate plan or having a plan that is out of date or fails to address some major issues.

A person could be giving up some very important things when they ignore or put off estate planning. For one, they could be risking giving up their chance to have a say in what happens with the assets they have worked so hard for during their life when they die.

Having a carefully tailored and properly updated estate plan, on the other hand, allows individuals to have clear plans in place regarding the after-death distribution of their assets that reflect their wishes. Getting a will and other estate planning devices in place could even potentially help a person feel a little less anxiety and fear when thinking about their eventual death, as it can help eliminate one type of uncertainty regarding one's eventual passing away, uncertainty about what will happen with one's estate.

Skilled estate planning lawyers understand how scary thinking about passing away can be for a person and how intimidating the estate planning process can seem to some. Such attorneys can explain the estate planning process to help make it more accessible and less scary and can help individuals with setting up an estate plan that addresses their needs and properly expresses their wishes.

Source: Financial Planning, "3 Biggest Barriers to Successful Estate Planning," Paul Hechinger, August 6, 2015

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