What Happens When A Loved One Dies Without A Will

The probate court commonly handles the administration of estates for those who die without wills. If you are involved in the administration of an estate lacking a valid will, it is important to work with an experienced legal team to help you and protect your interests through the process.

Our Houston probate lawyers represent administrators of wills, trustees, attorneys in fact and other parties involved in the probate process. The process involves complex financial and legal considerations. Our living wills lawyers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

The Intestate Probate Process

When a loved one dies with a will, the will determines the administrator and the disposition of assets for the deceased, making the process much simpler. Conversely, when someone dies without a will (called intestate), the process is more complicated and time-consuming. The court is much more involved in the process and the disposition of wealth is controlled by statute. In an intestate probate, the court appoints an administrator of the estate and retains a greater degree of control.

Our lawyers provide sophisticated counsel and comprehensive representation through every aspect of the intestate probate proceedings. You can find peace of mind knowing that you have the legal help you need.

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