What Happens When A Loved One Dies With A Will?

Establishing a comprehensive estate plan is the best way for a person to ensure that his or her wealth will be passed on according to his or her wishes. It simplifies the process and makes the disposition of assets much more efficient.

However, there are important legal and financial complexities for the estate administrator to consider, as well as strict fiduciary duties to follow. It is important to work with an experienced team of probate lawyers to represent you. If you have been named a will administrator, the attorneys of Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, can help.

Probate With A Will

When a person dies and there is a valid will, usually that document will name a person to be the executor. From that point:

  • Filing for probate: The executor will file an application for probate in a Texas probate court.
  • Appointing of the executor: After a short waiting period, the court will usually acknowledge that the will is valid and appoint the person named in the will as the official executor.
  • Executing the will: In intestate proceedings, the court will normally give the executor wide leeway to administer the will. This includes paying off creditors from the estate, determining the heirs, paying the heirs and filing an estate tax return.

Our Houston attorneys have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we have been through the probate process with our clients many times. We will take the time to explain the complex timelines and procedures with you, and we will be there for you throughout the entire process.

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