Probate Attorneys Representing Creditors

Creditors: There is a very narrow window of time to bring a claim to collect a debt from an estate in probate and the process for bringing a claim may be complex. Representation from an experienced Houston attorney is critical.

At Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, we have more than three decades of experience providing representation in probate. We understand the rules proscribed by the Texas Estates Code and will make certain that deadlines are met and that the process is followed correctly in pursuit of a positive outcome.

The Procedure For Collecting From An Estate In Probate

Texas law has a very specific procedure for creditors attempting to collect debts in probate. Many claims are rejected, not because they are invalid, but because the creditor failed to follow the process correctly. Creditors often end up missing the opportunity to collect money that is owed to them because they attempted this process themselves or did not enlist a lawyer experienced in this specific aspect of the probate court.

Our lawyers understand creditors' rights. We know the process. We get the details right the first time and hit all the deadlines, and we do so at reasonable fees. Creditors can turn to us to make certain that, if the opportunity to recover a debt is available, every step will be taken to collect. We begin by determining if the creditor can bring a claim. Then we gather all information necessary and move forward according to the rules of the probate court.

Contact Us To Discuss A Collection Action In Probate

Our attorneys work with collections departments, in-house counsel and other parties at businesses of all sizes in Texas, as well as businesses outside of Texas attempting to collect from an estate being probated in Texas. Call 713-880-3939 or email us to discuss the claim.