Judicial Determination Of Heirship

If you are an heir to property, but there was no will, you will need some way to establish your heirship. While there are many options available, in some cases, the only option is a judicial determination of heirship.

At Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, our estate planning and probate attorneys provide comprehensive representation for clients seeking judicial determination of heirship. We provide sophisticated counsel and detail-oriented representation. With a wealth of experience handling heirship determinations, we have a thorough understanding of the process involved with judicial determinations of heirship.

Heirship Determination By The Court

There are a few options for passing title in intestate probate proceedings, including a small estate affidavit, an affidavit of heirship, and a judicial determination of heirship. The judicial determination of heirship is the most time-consuming and complex of the methods, involving filing appropriate documents detailing the statutory heirship of the property, appearing before the court at hearings if necessary and obtaining judicial approval.

While the process can be complicated and time-consuming, it is an effective way to establish title authoritatively.

We can help you from start to finish through the complex process of documenting the statutorily defined heirship of the property, fulfilling the filing requirements and working with the court to obtain judicial acknowledgment of your heirship rights.

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