Ancillary Probate

Today, more than ever, it is common for individuals and families to have multiple properties, often in different states, and even in different countries. From investment property and business real estate to vacation homes, a great number of non-Texas residents own property in our state, but reside elsewhere.

Legal complexities arise when an individual passes away who owns property in one state, but lives in another. In order to efficiently administer the estate, it is imperative to work with a probate attorney who has specific experience in the ancillary probate process.

What is Ancillary Probate?

In a standard probate, a person's estate is transferred to beneficiaries upon his or her death. Ancillary probate refers to the process of transferring property that is located in a state or country other than where the deceased was domiciled.

Each state has different laws regarding the probate process. As such, if real property is in Texas, you need a Texas lawyer. If the property is in another state, you need an attorney who is licensed to practice in that state. At Hayes & Wilson, we can help facilitate ancillary probate in either of these circumstances. If your loved one was an out-of-state resident who had property in Texas, our lawyers can assist with the ancillary probate. If your family member lived in Texas and had property elsewhere, we can work with a law firm from that location to ensure the smooth transition of assets.

The Experience and Knowledge for an Efficient Transition of Assets

Our attorneys focus on estate planning and probate matters. We have an in-depth knowledge of the legal nuances associated with even the most complex of matters, including instances of ancillary probate. We will help you understand how these laws apply to you and your family, and will work efficiently to help you administer the estate, regardless of where the property is located.

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