Houston Attorney for Filing Guardianship Of An Estate

A guardian of the estate is established by the court to handle all of the financial affairs for someone who lacks the capacity to make these decisions alone. Becoming a guardian can be a major undertaking. At Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, our Houston guardianship lawyers provide sound legal counsel, backed by experience and a commitment to personalized service for each of our clients.

Guardianships require a determination of incapacity and the loss of decision-making control for the ward. For these reasons, obtaining legal counsel from an experienced team of attorneys is a critical choice in the process. Our experienced lawyers provide personalized service. We will listen to your objectives, help you explore alternatives to guardianship and help you through the entire guardianship process.

Guardian Of The Estate

If you are established as the guardian of an estate, you will have the authority to make all types of binding decisions on behalf of the ward, including:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate and other property
  • Estate planning decisions
  • Power of attorney decisions
  • Medicaid planning

The guardianship lawyers from our firm can help you understand your alternatives to guardianship as well as your duties as guardian. We can represent you in every facet of the guardianship process.

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