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We encourage our clients to establish powers of attorney, trusts, and other tools to assure their financial, medical, and personal matters are handled by a trusted person. When those documents do not exist or are no longer effective, a guardianship may be used to care for a loved one.

At the Hayes & Wilson, PLLC law firm, we have guided many families and individuals through the guardianship process. We know what a difficult decision guardianship can be, and we compassionately help our clients accomplish the guardianship as efficiently as possible.

  • A guardian of the person is responsible for the care, control, and protection of the ward (person under guardianship), deciding where the ward will reside, and having the authority to consent to the ward's medical treatment.
  • A guardian of the estate provides for the management of all the ward's personal and real property, assets, and income, although in some situations, the court may appoint a trustee to manage the ward's financial affairs.
  • A ward may be a minor child (under 18) or an adult unable to provide for his or her own care or make financial decisions.

When a family member needs a guardian, talk to our guardianship lawyers about the process and tools necessary for guardianship. If there is no one in the family who can take on the heavy responsibilities of guardianship, we can help you find other alternatives.

For most services The Law Offices of Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, we offer a initial consultation and fixed fees. We are ready to help you with estate planning, probate, estate administration, and guardianship matters to provide you peace of mind.

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