Houston Attorneys Creating Effective Wills

You want to ensure that your assets are protected and passed on to the next generation according to your wishes. You want to create a will that is personalized to your situation and your family's needs. At Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, we can help you accomplish your goals.

Our attorneys will listen to you to understand your objectives and prepare the documentation that is right for you. In many cases, all that may be required is a simple, straightforward will. In others, the will may only be one part of a more all-encompassing estate planning strategy.

When Is The Right Time To Make A Will?

It is never too soon to lay the groundwork for the future. People often come to us to make a will after a major life event. For example, getting married, having a baby, taking a trip, getting a divorce or having surgery are all events that get people thinking about the future. These are all good opportunities to speak to an estate planning lawyer about creating a will.

Our process for drafting wills:

  • In an initial conference, our Houston lawyers listen to you to define your needs, learn about your assets and find out about your goals for the future so that we may draft a will that matches your objectives.
  • We walk you through the issues involved and help you determine how your property should be divided and who should be your executor.
  • We recommend the will that is right for you, whether that is a simple will without estate tax planning or a more complex will and estate plan.
  • We draft a will that is easy to read and understand, putting the basic information in plain English to ensure clarity and prevent misunderstandings. We make certain the will is legal.

In addition to creating wills, we also assist with modification of wills. We recommend that people review their estate plans regularly, particularly after major life events. Furthermore, laws may change and wills should be reviewed to ensure they are consistent with current laws.

If you are considering do-it-yourself will preparation, we recommend talking to us about the benefits of working with an attorney. The bottom line is that we are committed to making certain your will is effective and legal.

Consultation About Will Creation

We offer a initial consultation and fixed fees. We are ready to help you with estate planning and making a will. Call 713-880-3939 or email us to talk to a dedicated attorney.