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If you are a pet owner, have you considered what might happen to your pet if you died unexpectedly or became disabled? Did you know that by creating a pet trust, you can ensure that your pet's needs are provided for even if you are not around?

The attorneys at The Law Office of Hayes & Wilson PLLC understand your love for your pet. We are pet owners ourselves who understand that planning for pet care can be just as important as creating a will.

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Did you know? Your pet can be provided for separately in your will. Establishing a trust ensures that there is money set aside to take care of your pet if you happen to die before your pet, and that the lifestyle you provided for your pet is maintained even after you are gone.

What Is a Pet Trust?

A pet trust is a type of trust that designates a care provider for the care of animals after the owner's death. The conditions established in a pet trust typically last for the duration of the pet's life.

Without a pet trust, your pets are considered part of your property and can be separated or divided according to state laws after your death. Without a specific plan in place, your pet may not be taken care of according to your wishes, and its future may be uncertain.

Attorney Julia Hayes can help you establish a pet trust for your cats, dogs, birds, horses and other pets. We have been creating pet trusts for caring pet owners for years. We can help you customize a pet trust to ensure that your pet receives the care that it deserves when you are unable to care for it yourself.

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