Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts

A charitable lead annuity trust ("CLAT") is one of the most commonly used estate planning strategies to distribute wealth to philanthropic organizations. For individuals of significant means, a CLAT allows them to make financial contributions to charity while eventually passing a portion of their estate, tax free, to their beneficiaries.

Supporting a Charitable Cause and Maximizing Gifts to Your Heirs

The attorneys at Hayes & Wilson have been helping Texas families create CLATs for many years. As our client, we will help you understand the benefits of a CLAT and determine if it is the right estate planning vehicle to achieve your goals.

A CLAT can go into effect during your lifetime or at the time of your death. After the initial funding, a charity will receive payments from the trust for a set number of years. At the end of this period, the remaining money will transfer to your named beneficiaries and will not be subject to an estate tax.

CLATs are a great option for many of our clients because they allow you to support a cause you believe in while maximizing the amount of wealth you can pass to your heirs by avoiding estate taxes. We invite you to contact our firm to discuss your specific estate planning objectives and learn if a charitable lead annuity trust is the right option for your family.

Call for a Consultation with a Houston Charitable Trust Lawyer

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