Family Foundations

Many families with significant wealth wish to include charitable giving in their overall estate plan. For some, private or family foundations are the right solution to disburse monetary resources to philanthropic causes. But, before you and your family decide upon a giving strategy, it is important to work with a qualified estate planning lawyer in order to understand your options and various opportunities to maximize your giving.

Charitable Giving Through Private and Family Foundations

The attorneys at Hayes & Wilson have decades of experience helping families find the best estate planning solutions for their specific needs and goals. This often includes advising on charitable giving options, including private foundations.

Establishing a private foundation can be a great way to engage family members in a legacy of giving and contribute to philanthropic organizations that align with your values and beliefs, while at the same time minimizing taxation.

Regardless of your wealth transfer goals, our lawyers will help ensure your foundation is formed properly and is legally compliant. We will further educate you on the regulations surrounding this type of estate planning vehicle, and will be available to you and your family throughout the life of the foundation should additional advisement be required.

Call for a Consultation with a Houston Charitable Planning Attorney

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