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The primary function of a postnuptial agreement is to change the characterization of property, either from separate property to community property or vice versa. A postnuptial agreement can reduce tax liabilities, protect assets or serve other purposes as well.

At the law firm of Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, we provide efficient and cost-effective legal services. We can draft a postnuptial agreement, review a proposed agreement or provide an opinion regarding the enforceability of an existing postnuptial agreement. In a initial consultation, an attorney can review your situation and explain how we can help you.

About Binding Contracts Between Spouses

In most respects, a postnuptial agreement is like a prenuptial agreement. A postnuptial agreement states how property is to be divided in the event of a divorce or death. Like a prenuptial agreement, it can protect the inheritance rights of children from prior marriages or enable a business to stay within a family. A postnuptial agreement can also enable one spouse to avoid liability for debts contracted by the other spouse during the marriage.

To be considered valid under Texas law, a postnuptial agreement must be:

  • Fair to both spouses
  • Not contracted under duress
  • Include a full disclosure of assets and debts

In addition, to protect their respective rights and interests, each spouse should have separate legal counsel.

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Consultation With a Lawyer

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