Estate Planning for Blended Families

Estate Planning for the New American Family

The face of the American family has been changing in recent decades. Today, a family unit is no longer limited to a married man and woman and their children. Many individuals are entering into second or third marriages, and often have children with previous spouses. The blending of families can also occur through new step-children and even step-grandchildren. In these circumstances, it can be confusing to understand how a new family structure will affect your estate planning.

Wills and Trusts Created for Your Unique Family Needs

The first thing you need to know is that re-marriage will affect your heirs. In order to ensure your assets are still distributed according to your wishes, it is important to consult with an estate planning attorney to discuss your goals and options.

At Hayes & Wilson, we serve all types of families. Our lawyers know that each individual has a unique set of family circumstances, so we will cater our services to your specific needs. When you meet with us, we will discuss your family structure, your wishes, and how to ensure your assets are distributed according to your desires, both now and at the time of your death.

After working with us, our clients find comfort knowing that their wives, husbands, children, step-children, or other beneficiaries will be provided for and protected. Whether you need to create a will, trust, or any other estate planning instrument, we will help you find the best solutions for your unique, blended family.

Call for a Consultation with a Houston Estate Planning Attorney

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