Appointing an Agent for Disposition of Remains

Many people worry about what will happen to their bodily remains after death. Will my body be treated respectfully? Will my wishes concerning cremation or interment be followed? Will my wishes regarding the donation of organs be respected?

By creating a document that appoints an agent for the disposition of your remains, you can be assured that your wishes in these matters will be carried out. In a consultation, a lawyer at Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, can discuss your needs and explain how we can assist you.

Get Peace of Mind for an Affordable Fee

Appointing an agent to control the disposition of your remains is a relatively simple process, but as with other estate planning matters, care should be taken during the process. The person you appoint to act on your behalf should be someone you trust, perhaps even a person who shares your values.

An attorney at our firm can explore these and other issues with you. Based on your expressed wishes, we will then create a customized document designed to achieve your goals. This document can be quite specific. For example, it can state whether you wish your remains to be:

  • Cremated, embalmed or donated to science
  • Interred in a cemetery, mausoleum or columbarium

You can also designate that certain organs should be made available for transplant and even what type of memorial service you wish to have, or do not wish to have.

For an affordable, flat fee, our law firm can create this document, either as a stand-alone instrument or as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

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