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Planning for your medical care and end-of-life treatment is just as important as planning for your financial future. An essential part of every comprehensive estate planning strategy is a directive to physicians.

Our Houston estate planning lawyers can help you establish a directive to physicians, which will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your medical care wishes have been communicated to those providing your care.

Directive To Physicians ∙ Living Wills ∙ Medical Power of Attorney

A directive to physicians, commonly called a "living will," is a legal instrument that lays out your end-of-life decisions. Your treating physicians and other medical professionals will have this document on file. If you are struck by a terminal illness and unable to communicate your medical choices, the directive to physicians will communicate those wishes clearly.

Some of the issues involved in this document include:

  • Feeding tubes
  • Use of pain-killing medication
  • The prolonged use of life-support

We can help you establish a directive to physicians that will work in conjunction with your medical power of attorney to make sure all of your medical decisions will be communicated to the appropriate parties in a way that is legally effective.

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