VA Benefits

After you have served your country, you and your spouse may be entitled to certain benefits from the federal government. Some benefits arise as compensation for a service-related or nonservice-related disability or injury, and other benefits result as pension for service given. These VA benefits may impact your overall estate plan.

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Crafting Your Estate Plan To Preserve Your Eligibility For Benefits

Our Houston attorneys will apply their extensive experience in estate planning to advise you about the veterans benefits to which you are entitled. For example, because some veterans benefits are based on income and assets, we can help you understand your planning options to meet those financial criteria. For instance, perhaps a trust would be appropriate in your situation in order to preserve your ability to qualify for VA benefits. We can counsel you about your options.

Dedicated Assistance For Spouses Of Veterans

It is not just veterans who are eligible for VA disability benefits. Spouses may qualify for certain VA programs such as Aid and Attendance, if they require the aid and attendance of another person or are housebound. We can meet with you to discuss all of the options that may be available to you and your spouse from the federal government, then help you tailor your estate plan accordingly.

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