Medicaid Qualifications

Qualifying for Medicaid can appear quite simple on the surface. If you are under a certain income and asset bracket, you simply fill out and file the appropriate documentation and you will qualify.

However, simply filing for Medicaid without sound legal counsel could result in a tremendous and unnecessary loss of income and available assets for you. At Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, our Houston attorneys have a wealth of experience with estate planning, probate and elder law representation. We can help you qualify for Medicaid while making sure you protect your assets as much as possible in the process.

Get The Help You Need ∙ Medicaid Qualifications

Our lawyers take a personalized approach. We will take the time to listen to you and understand your goals. We will provide sound counsel and help you regarding all aspects of Medicaid, including:

  • Qualifying for Medicaid

  • Establishing a Miller Trust or other estate planning instruments to minimize your personal financial losses as you enter the Medicaid program

  • Managing your VA benefits to maximize your income and assets

  • Exploring all avenues for meeting your care management needs in the most efficient manner possible

Qualifying for Medicaid in a way that limits your financial losses is a complex matter. It involves considering all aspects of your comprehensive estate plan and making sure all instruments work in concert to maximize efficiency.

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