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The staggering cost of nursing home care has led many people to seek nursing home benefits from Medicaid. There are strict limits on the income a person is allowed to earn while still qualifying for Medicaid, but by creating and properly using a Miller Trust (also called a qualified income trust), you can retain Medicaid eligibility.

Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, is a law firm with extensive experience creating Miller Trusts. This experience and our comprehensive knowledge of Medicaid income eligibility rules enable our clients to avoid common mistakes in the funding and use of Miller Trusts. In a consultation, a lawyer at our firm can review your situation and explain how we can help you obtain Medicaid-funded nursing home care.

Becoming Eligible for Medicaid — And Retaining Your Eligibility

In 2013, the monthly income limit for Medicaid eligibility is $2,130. If your income exceeds that amount, Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, can set up a Miller Trust. Any income that exceeds that amount can be diverted to the Miller Trust, thus preserving your Medicaid eligibility.

We can take all measures necessary to set up the Miller Trust. The Houston Medicaid eligibility income lawyers at Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, can instruct your bank to automatically divert excess income to the Miller Trust to preserve your eligibility and educate you in key steps you must take to retain your eligibility. Some of the many rules that must be followed include the following:

  • Only the income of the Medicaid recipient can be deposited in the Miller Trust.
  • You cannot use a Miller Trust to shelter assets.
  • You must deposit all income in a given month by the last business day of that month.

Because of the high cost of losing Medicaid eligibility, you should not start and fund a Miller Trust on your own. It is simply too easy to make a mistake in this complex area of the law. Instead, you should retain the services of the experienced attorneys at Hayes & Wilson, PLLC.

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