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Managing your long-term care as you get older is one of the most important elder law considerations you will face. While you might feel alone in these decisions, and the options might be overwhelming to you, we are here to help.

The experienced elder law attorneys of Houston's Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, represent clients regarding the financial considerations of care management planning. With a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to providing personalized service, our lawyers will help you explore the financial implications of your various life care decisions and help you create a comprehensive plan that considers all of your estate planning and financial planning concerns.

The Financial Aspects Of Care Planning

Your choices for care management could have a profound impact on every other aspect of your financial future. We can help you integrate all of these choices into a comprehensive plan that can include:

  • Medicaid: Medicaid is a state/federal benefit for elders to provide the care they need. It is extremely important to work with an experienced attorney when seeking these benefits as mistakes in the process could lead to unnecessary loss of income and assets.
  • Miller trusts: A Miller Trust is a powerful legal instrument that can provide you with a greater percentage of your income while still receiving Medicaid benefits.
  • Guardianships: When someone is losing the capacity to make important decisions alone, a guardianship of the person can establish an agent to make personal decisions on that person's behalf, and a guardianship of the estate will appoint an agent to make financial decisions.

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