Elder Law

Seniors and those concerned with older or disabled loved ones, face four clusters of issues. When someone you love is approaching his or her later years, you have to consider financial matters, health care decisions, residential plans and estate distribution. At Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, our elder law practice is growing as baby boomers reach retirement. We help you effectively address all of these matters, for yourself or someone you love.

In many ways, the most important elder law issues are similar to those faced by clients of any age. However, these issues often become more pressing as people near or pass retirement age.

Everyone worries about finances, but these matters become especially important when people begin to depend on their retirement savings for day-to-day living. Everyone should have certain legal documents related to health care, such as advance directives or medical powers of attorney, but this is especially true for seniors.

At Hayes & Wilson, we handle elder law matters related to these concerns and more. Our attorneys:

The senior years of retirement should be relaxing and enjoyable. We help older clients and their families deal with the inevitable legal issues of aging so that all can have confidence those issues have been appropriately handled.

For Medicaid planning and Miller Trust services at Hayes & Wilson, PLLC, we offer an initial consultation at a nominal fee and fixed fees for services. Our lawyers are ready to help you with estate planning, probate, estate administration and guardianship matters to provide you peace of mind.

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